We are Madstudio

We create powerful designs
that attract attention
and call for action.

We are Madstudio. We are Creative Thinkers.

A creative design studio and agency located in Barcelona. But above all we are the transformation you were looking for.

We really believe that design, creativity and knowledge can give your brand the emotion 
and meaning it needs to achieve your targets and transform it, lifting it to the next level.

We offer businesses effective solutions for their creative needs, whether large or small. Our designs are focused on people.

Always with an extra touch of creativity…
That special something that makes us different from others

Creative minds with
limitless curiosity

Get to understand our contradictions

Meet the management team

Here are the people who control Madstudio.



CEO/Partner/Office manager/Project manager/Senior Creative

Founder and senior executive. Project manager.
Sonia is a true entrepreneur. Passionate about design, she loves to organise planning, coordination and control in creative projects and work closely on strategy with brands. She is in charge of seeing that it all happens and her work is directed to finding the most accurate solution for each problem. Very focused on results.



Partner/Multimedia director/Project manager/Developer

Founder and Multimedia Director. Alejandro constructs potent digital solutions for our clients. He is a developer with curiosity and expert in everything digital, with a profound knowledge of all the different technologies.
Html, CSS, CMS, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, animation, video editing, 3D… He leads the various teams, inhouse and outsourcing, depending on the size and needs of the project. He enjoys a challenge and never stops learning.



Partner/Creative director/ Senior Designer/Proyect manager

Founder and Creative Director. His experience in a wide variety of business sectors always brings a fresh perspective to the projects. David is a brilliant designer with a great ability to connect with brands and their audiences. He is capable of translate complex ideas into compelling print materials and great digital experiences.

We think that excellence
and success are directly related.
Our team seeks excellence.
Success is sure to follow.

Madstudio studio diseño gráfico Barcelona

And all this, how do we do it?

We are proud of our processes, they represent us,
show us at our best, demonstrate our work
and improvements through the years,
all with the aim of achieving excellence.

Our project management is focused on customer needs and we have a forecast-oriented philosophy. We follow a comprehensive management method that clearly defines the scope of the project at its outset.
The responsibilities of each area are perfectly defined, which favours workflow. We are therefore able to provide flexibility in our processes that allows us to make quick decisions in any scenario. We adapt, we find a way to make it possible.
High standards

Our teamwork and the individual capacity of each team member allow us to work to extremely high standards with a constant spirit of surpassing expectations.
Our clients know that we guarantee quality and consistency.

Quality control
Our quality control process assures us that our work meets our client’s standards and expectations. We have established roles, responsibilities and processes to ensure the quality of our work as well as meeting our client’s quality standards. Once our team is entirely satisfied, we can send our work to our clients and providers.
We provide transparency in all the operations that go into the development of each project. The client knows our work and understands the schedules and processes from the very first moment. Transparency has a two-way advantage.

Disaster recovery

We have implemented backup, recovery and business continuity solutions and good practices. An emergency plan that contains the necessary information so that the business can continue to operate in case of having to face some kind of adverse and unexpected event.


We have the good fortune to enjoy firm and long-lasting relationships with many of our clients.

These are some of the clients with whom we have had the pleasure of working.