Web Paradiso



Web design and creativity.
Development, programming and animations.

The Paradiso cocktail bar, crowned as the best bar in Spain (and worldwide leader in The World’s 50 Best Bars) contacted us because they wanted to renew their online image as their internet presence was very plain and simple, not up to the standard of a bar with such magic, personality and standing as Paradiso certainly enjoys.

Paradiso (Carrer de Rera Palau, 4. Barcelona. Spain) recreates the experience of a clandestine bar hidden behind the refrigerator of a pastrami shop. Between majestic curved wooden panels that give shape to the bar counter and impressive decoration a universe of temptations is revealed, designed by the Grupo Confitería.

Cocktails that vary between the magical and the spectacular, such as the Supercool Martini (made with a patented technique), Kriptonita, Vulcano Negroni, Brunch in the Moon, Big Bang and Great Gatsby make up a drinks menu as unique as it is meticulously studied.

Such a special and unique place called for a spectacular web, which would be at the height of that space. A web that would introduce you to a journey to another world. A paradise of temptations that everyone needs to experience.

Visit it at www.paradiso.cat