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Asador de Aranda is a chain of restaurants based on Castilian gastronomy and with a long family tradition, offering natural meats from milk lamb, mature beef and suckling pig, among other products. They contacted us because they wanted to revamp their identity, their storytelling and find a new general approach that would bring the brand closer to a new clientele without losing the essential character.

We worked on the existing branding and developed a complete rebranding that allowed them to change their focus, positioning and explaining their value proposal much better and in a more friendly and contemporary way. With this renovation they were able to feel comfortable with the change as a business (they did not want a radical change or to lose their brand recognition which was and is very positive due to their good work) but at the same time the brand was modernised and opened to new categories of clients for whom healthy cuisine, quality and a slow cooking are important but who did not identify the brand as an existing possibility.