La Santa

La Santa Market

Design, creativity and general management of communications.

La Santa is an oasis of creation, leisure and gastronomy in the heart of the Costa Brava.

La Santa is chic, is foodie, is for families, glamour to die for, lively nights to enjoy. It is diverting, mad, light-hearted and trendy… 
It is summer’s finest meeting point on the Costa Brava, a magic place where things happen every day.

La Santa is a summer icon, the starting pistol for a summer full of surprises, leisure and fun …1,2,3 – La Santa lights up the summer!

La Santa Market contacted us the first year it was open, 2016, a month before the opening date, because they had only got as far as the logo and they were looking for an agency that could create the general image of the event, giving it its own personality. It was a newly created event that needed, as well as the logo that they already had, a personality, a tone, its own voice to set it apart from other similar events.
We created a potent image for them, unique and easily recognised. We created the whole La Santa universe, with all its imagery, its way of doing things. We coordinated all the communications from the beginning, with the result that La Santa Market has grown from year to year by around an unstoppable 30%, since the first year open. In the last year 2022 they received 200,000 visitors.