“We don’t seek to generate logic or common sense,
we seek to generate feelings” @Madstudio

The complexity of building a brand from scratch is no small feat.

In essence, you could say that branding is the way a product or service lives in the hearts and minds of its customers. Put this way, the discourse is full of intangibles.

Knowing this, from the point of view of an agency’s creative, the challenge can be enormous because it involves several disciplines and tasks of different kinds.

With the intention of creating a positive and solid perception in the minds of consumers and therefore impacting their heads and hearts, you have to manage a set of actions involving positioning, purpose and brand values to create conscious and unconscious connections that influence people, all this long before you start designing.

Branding, above all, involves knowledge. Knowing in detail the company, its values, its objectives and knowing the competition in depth as well.

With all this knowledge is when you can really start the creative process that can lead you to create an aesthetically coherent brand with all this acquired knowledge and above all with a purpose.